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Creating an API key in WooCommerce

In your WordPress backend, choose WooCommerce : Settings : Advanced : Rest API

Fill out the description field so that you can identify the API key.

Copy and temporarily save the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. They will not be visible again after leaving the page.

In order to install the app, permalinks have to be enabled. Go to Settings -> Permalinks in your WordPress admin and ensure that a structure is chosen for pages and product pages, which is not the default plain (plain looks like this:

Now that your API user has been created, it's time to link it to Stedger.

Connect shop to Stedger

Click Settings in the left-hand menu.

Click New App in the bottom of the Settings page.

Choose WooCommerce in the pop up.

Insert your shop URL.

Enter your new consumer Secret and consumer Key and click Install App : Install.

Next steps

Learn how to customize your account settings.

Learn how to connect products from Stedger to your shop.

Learn how to find new brands to sell.

Learn more about products.

Learn more about pricing.

Learn more about orders.

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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